Traditional Lipo vs. Laser Liposuction Shrewsbury, MA


Laser Lipo: Less Invasive, Minimal Downtime, Better Results

Liposuction was made popular during the 1980s. Plastic surgeons would perform this procedure in a hospital type setting under general anesthesia. The results were often inconsistent and there was a tremendous amount of recovery for the patient.

Over the past 30 years, traditional liposuction has evolved to become more predictable and achieve better outcomes for patients. There are also more advanced liposuction techniques such as laser liposuction which can effectively move unwanted fat with far greater body sculpting and skin tightening potential.

Laser lipo isn’t for everyone. If you have large volumes of fat or have significant amounts of loose skin (for example, after a considerable weight loss), then you may be a candidate for traditional liposuction and/or a body lift.

Our cosmetic doctor, Dr. Paul Willis, offers free consultations to determine what treatment is right for you. If you are better suited for a treatment not offered in our office, Dr. Willis will make a referral for a plastic surgeon to take care of your needs.

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person


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