Why go to New England LaserLipo?

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

There are numerous reasons why New England Laser Lipo is an excellent location to receive liposuction. One such reason is that laser liposuction is the specialty of the practice. All of the Laser Lipo surgeries which are performed are completed by a physician who has been Board Certified. This ensures expertise and professionals. All of the members of the New England Laser Lipo team have received special training in the art of Laser Lipo and are highly experienced when it comes to both the procedure itself as well as the recovery period. In addition to being a source of knowledge regarding the Lase Lipo procedure, the team documents all of their completed procedures with before and after photos so that potential patients can see the positive results which have been achieved with the procedure.

In order to make each patient feel at home in the office, each individual is given personal attention both before and after the Laser Lipo procedure. This includes both free consultations as well as follow up appointments. Also, unlike other groups, New England Laser Lipo provides potential patients with the opportunity to discuss the procedure with individuals who have previously undergone the process.

After the procedure, the office possesses an FDA licensed ultrasound machine which is used in order to post-operatively smooth the area which has been treated. After the procedure, each patient will also be able to access a physician 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The procedure is ideal for patients who have very busy schedules. The recovery time for Laser Lipo is quite short with the majority of patients returning to their regular activities approximately 24 to 48 hours after the completion of the procedure. Follow up appointments will be scheduled so as to ensure that the patient has achieved the desire result. If issues continue to exist, the physicians will make sure that the proper steps are taken to correct the problem.

The New England LaserLipo team guarantees that, if the results are not to the patient’s liking, they will work with the individual until the results are those which the patient desires.

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