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Friday, August 27th, 2010

Losing weight is a huge hassle for many, and the astounding number of diet and other programs addressing the issue leave no question about its difficult nature. Anxiety, depression and a distorted sense of personal image are all a routine part of slimming down, and for some, these conditions make getting healthy unreasonably hard. Liposuction is a commonly performed procedure that can assist those who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of self-directed weight loss, but some patients are wary of complications, scarring and recovery time.

Smartlipo, or Laser-assisted liposuction, uses the thermal energy of a beam of light to eradicate the fat cells to be removed. Unlike traditional liposuction methods laser liposuction produces a tightening effect on the skin where the fat is removed, and carries minimal risk of mental or physical trauma. When it comes to removing fat deposits from the face and other highly visible target areas, it is the best method available.

In the LaserLipo procedure, there are no stitches or drains to be inserted, reducing the amount of physical side-effects and heightening the aesthetic appeal of the finished product. By inserting a very small cannula into the skin, a laser fiber can be fed into a fat deposit. When the cannula, or tube, is moved, the laser’s energy causes individual fat cells to burst painlessly, becoming a liquid which can easily be removed. Since an extremely tiny instrument is used and there are no fluid injections like those used in traditional wet lipo, the procedure can be easily be completed under local anesthesia, and results in far less bleeding swelling or bruising.

Additionally, Smartlipo promotes the stimulation of collagen, meaning that skin can be expected to tighten up to 70%. It permanently destroys all fat cells targeted, with the inclusion of tricky cellulite areas, all without any of the complications routinely expected for other methods. For high-profile zones like the neck and arms, this is a priceless improvement over the bumpiness and skin damage common lipo. Laser lipo is an FDA-approved procedure and is by far the easiest liposuction treatment to recover from, taking less time and causing minimal to zero pain.

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