The Benefits Of Smartlipo Over Traditional Liposuction

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

SmartLipo is less invasive than traditional liposuction. Liposuction can be a fairly violent procedure. To vacuum out fat cells, a surgeon must use a considerable amount of force. However, during SmartLipo, the surgeon will first liquefy fat deposits. This will make it much easier to remove the fat cells. Less force during the procedure means a much easier recovery period. Patients that choose SmartLipo may experience mild pain after the procedure, but much less so than patients than undergo traditional lipo.

SmartLipo also lessens a patient’s risk of scarring. Because a thin cannula is used, patients are less likely to be left with permanent scars. Traditional liposuction requires surgeons to make larger incisions and use a thicker cannula. While experienced surgeons can minimize these risks, patients that choose traditional liposuction may still experience some scarring.

SmartLipo also allows surgeons to really contour the body. SmartLipo helps surgeons smooth and shape problem areas more than traditional liposuction. The lasers will also tighten the skin. This helps to eliminate sagging skin and improve elasticity. Patients that suffer from cellulite may also notice a significant improvement in their cellulite. This technique often creates a more pleasing aesthetic than traditional lipo.

The only disadvantage of SmartLipo is that this technique does not remove as much fat as traditional liposuction. Therefore, patients that want to smooth and reduce problems areas will benefit more from this procedure than those that are hoping for significant weight loss. Of course, SmartLipo does eliminate fat cells and will therefore reduce a patient’s weight. However, this procedure will most greatly benefit patients that are trying to eliminate stubborn fat deposits that diet and exercise just couldn’t do alone.

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