Ten Minutes To A Fresher You

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

In just ten minutes you can be on your way to total face rejuvenation! Botox® Cosmetic is FDA approved, safe, quick acting, and can take your appearance from looking stressed and aged to looking smoother and more relaxed.

Over the last ten years professional cosmetic doctors have perfected the art of Botox injection making Botox a routine and simple procedure. Botox can enable you to turn back the clock on aging without going under the knife. Let New England Laser Lipo’s trusted and highly trained cosmetic physician Dr. Paul Willis help you to achieve a fresh looking face!

How Does Botox Work?

As we age the stresses, both environmental and physical, we experience throughout our lives starts to show, often around the eyes and mouth. Botox is a protein compound that is injected into target areas on the face. The Botox proteins weakens the muscles that over time have stiffened, relaxing those deep lines and crows feet. Fillers can make the face appear uneven, especially in sensitive spots around the eyes, forehead, mouth and neck. Botox impacts the muscle directly, creating a smooth and natural appearance. Botox will reduce the fine lines around your eyes and can decrease the appearance of creases around your mouth.

Is Botox Effective?

With minimal to no pain, and virtually no recovery time, Botox is a great way to take years off your appearance. Optimal results will be seen within one week of injections and will last 3-4 months. Because Botox is not permanent, it allows you to make adjustments to the injections as you progress in your treatment plan. This flexibility will allow you to balance and create the best version of yourself. Botox is a low commitment, high results solution to the everyday aging of your face.

Schedule a FREE Consultation With Dr. Willis

If Botox sounds like the right cosmetic solution for you, request your free consultation at our Shrewsbury office today! Serving the Worcester and Shrewsbury area, Dr. Willis will discuss all of your options and build a comprehensive cosmetic health plan personalized for your concerns and goals.

Don’t wait, get on track to the most confident you and face life feeling more youthful!

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