Smartlipo To Eliminate Fat

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Do you dream of permanently destroying your fat cells? Well, now there is a way. If exercising and diet are not getting rid of those muffin tops or belly, Dr. Paul Willis may be able to help. Worcester, MA New England Laser Lipo offers the Smartlipo procedure for the removal of stubborn fat areas.

Safe, minimally invasive and with only a short downtime, Smartlipo is becoming the preferred method to melt away unwanted fat. Smartlipo is performed under a local anesthetic and can be done in the comfort of our office. Treatment only takes approximately one hour per region and you can return home the same day. Most patients will return to work in about three to four days after treatment.

Smartlipo only requires a tiny incision in the treatment area. Then, a laser is gently inserted under the skin to melt away fat cells. Once the fat area is melted, a small suction will remove the fat from the body. Because the fat is melted before suction, there is significantly less bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction.

See The Results

Results from Smartlipo may be seen immediately after treatment. You will first notice an improvement of in the shape and contour of the treated areas. Over the next few weeks, you will see further improvement in the tightness of your skin. The thermal heat emitted from the laser also tightens the surrounding skin for a firmer, smoother appearance.

Smartlipo is ideal for patients within 25lbs of their target weight. Smartlipo is highly effective for treating fat resistant to exercise and a healthy diet in the thighs, arms, belly and flanks. This innovative lipo treatment leaves the skin firmer and more smooth while permanently eliminating unwanted pockets of fat.

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