Renew & Restore Your Skin this Winter

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Are you and your skin feeling a little deflated after the holidays?  Maybe your “laugh lines” are making you want to frown instead.  Sagging skin, wrinkles and lines are a natural part of aging. For some of us though, aging gracefully is not an option.  Luckily, there are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to help slow the process and treat facial imperfections.

New England Laser Lipo offers minimally invasive procedures to help restore and renew your skin this winter.  During the winter months we can take advantage of the “down time” away from the sun’s harsh exposure. New England Laser Lipo’s facial rejuvenation treatments can address those fine lines and wrinkles caused by the effects of the sun’s intense rays.

Dermal fillers can help to restore fullness and volume to the face while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles.  Most dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, a natural part of our body make-up.  As we age we loose hyaluronic acid and wrinkles and lines can begin to form around the mouth, nose and eyes.

Juvéderm® is a longer lasting dermal filler that is FDA approved and deemed safe and effective for all skin types and colors. Since hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body, there is minimal opportunity for allergic reaction.  Juvéderm®’s results can last from six months to an entire year.

Some patients benefit from maintenance treatments to prolong optimal results.  At New England Laser Lipo Dr. Paul Willis will create an individualized treatment plan for each patient.  At times, this may include a combination of treatments to achieve desired your results.

In addition to Juvéderm®, New England Laser Lipo offers Radiesse® and Belotero Balance® dermal fillers to restore volume in the face.  Whatever the recommendation, you can be assured that results will be natural looking with no pain and little down time.

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