Refresh Your Look and Confidence with Shrewsbuy Cosmetic Enhancements Laser Lipo and CO2

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

New England Laser Lipo

Do you feel like you could stand to lose a few pounds, or have you been wanting to get rid of those wrinkles? Why not improve the easy way, with New England Laser Lipo? With the techniques for Facial Rejuvenation Shrewsbury needs, and the treatments using CO2 Laser Shrewsbury has asked for, there has never been a better time to invest in lipo.

CO2 Laser technology is the latest in lipo technology. It uses CO2 based laser surgery to cleanly and safely affect subcutaneous tissue. This treatment is both easy and affordable, and leaves less lasting scars than more traditional methods.

Also known as the Madonna lift, this method is groundbreaking in that it uses skin resurfacing to create a more consistent and elegant appearance in the face. Fractured lasers reduce healing time and help reverse sun damage and wrinkles, bringing back youthfulness to the skin.

With additional Dermal Optical Thermolysis, this treatment can restore years of healthy glow to sallow or burned skin, giving it back its fresh and healthy look. This can be exceptionally helpful in restoring saggy cheeks and facial skin to their original springy contours, and recreating the appearance of youth years after a face normally “falls.”

CO2 lasers can also be used for “eye lifts,” meaning that they can be utilized to erase the troublesome rings and saggy portions around the eye. Dark circles, signs of old age and other wrinkle concerns can all be corrected by this technology. By the time the treatment is over, don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize yourself: it’s that good!

Act today and immerse yourself in a world of helpful and virtually painless skin lifting and age erasing treatments. In addition to lipo, CO2 lasers have many other uses, and you’ll be surprised at what they can accomplish. Consult with the on-site physicians and see what they can do to make you look younger, healthier, and more full of life. CO2 lasers augmented with laser fracturing technology can really put the spark back into your face. Just think: you could look young again, with the help of CO2 lasers!

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