Monday, March 24th, 2014

New England Laser Lipo is a treatment center that is dedicated to providing you with the latest advances in non-invasive treatment options. Dr. Richard Freniere and Dr. Paul Willis have had a lot of experience in performing dermal fillers in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. They are pleased to offer Radiesse. Radiesse is a dermal filler that can provide lasting results for wrinkles and facial folds.

For most patients, the results of Radiesse will last up to one year. Radiesse is very safe and has been approved by the Food And Drug Administration. It is recommended if you have ever used hyaluronic acid-containing fillers in the past.

Radiesse helps stimulate the production of collagen by utilizing calcium hydroxylapite spheres. Collagen helps keep the looking firm, plump and smooth. Because Radiesse helps stimulate the growth of the body’s own collagen, it is the ideal choice for contouring and shaping.

Radiesse is injected through a very fine needle. This will help reduce scarring and minimize discomfort. Radiesse can be mixed with lidocaine, which is a type of anesthetic. This will help minimize pain. It is normal to experience some mild swelling for the first one or two days after your procedure. You will probably be able to return to your normal activities one or two days after your procedure.

You will notice an instant improvement after you get Radiesse. The wrinkles and fine lines will instantly be smoothed out after you get this treatment. One of the reasons that Radiesse is recommended is because it very quickly gives results. The chance of developing serious side effect is very low, which is why it is preferred over more invasive treatments.

Redness, swelling and bruising are some of the side effects that are commonly associated with getting Radiesse. Other side effects are rare and may include infection, firmness and unevenness.

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