Physician Directed Weight Loss

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

In order for clients to get the best results from body sculpting and contouring procedures, we offer our patients a Physician Directed Weight Loss Program. For many patients, a closely monitored weight loss program may be recommended prior to a common weight loss procedure, such as laser liposuction. Our weight loss program works by incorporating a science based approach to nutrition as well as the accompaniment of dietary supplements to help patients continue to lose weight safely. Our overall goal is to maximize weight loss without compromising energy and health.

Maintenance is crucial to weight loss success and we work to help maintain the effects of weight loss procedures. Our goal is for our patients to get long lasting results. Patients get specialized attention by a physician, nurse and dietician. Patients have reported that the program has helped patients speed up healing times and recovery periods.

The ever increasing occurrence of obesity is a cause for growing concern. Obesity can be caused by poor food choices, a sedentary lifestyle and a variety of other factors. Our team of specialists helps patients to understand the root cause of t obesity and we work to educate patients on how to make life long changes in lifestyle, food habits and activity levels.

By following a physician assisted weight loss program, patients receive expert guidance regarding weight reduction, maintenance and improvement of surgery results. Each patient is evaluated and a customized program is developed. As the patient moves through the program, progression or regression is noted and changes are recommended to avoid an unhealthy pattern from developing. By the same token, behaviors and activities that produce desired results are also explored, discussed and applauded.

Physician directed weight loss programs are effective for those who need help maintaining a fitness and diet program following a weight loss procedure. The program is also effective for individuals who are looking to shed excess weight but need a more structured and guided approach. It no secret that the key to long-term weight loss success is healthy eating and exercise habits. Our team helps to guide patients toward long-term success.

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