Massachusetts Botox and Liposuction

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Botox and liposuction are rapidly becoming two of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed every day. Both procedures are relatively low in invasiveness, making them popular with patients who want rapid results but require a short recovery time. Advanced medical technology as made this possible , whether patients want a more youthful face or improved body contouring.

Botox is typically used for the temporary reduction of facial lines and wrinkles and has been safely used for over 15 years. The injection contains a protein that blocks the nerves in the face and weakens the muscles that can cause lines and wrinkles in the face. The injections treat lines between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and on the nose. The treatment time takes about ten minutes total and within one week, patients begin to notice a great improvement, with results lasting about three to four months. After the injections, patients can notice some redness and swelling, both of which diminish after a few hours. Frown lines are significantly diminished and patients notice a more youthful, refreshed looking face about one week after treatment.

Plastic surgeons in Worchester, Massachusetts perform liposuction using state of the art lasers. Laser liposuction lasers off the fat cells, where traditional liposuction removes the fat via suction. Patients who opt for laser liposuction avoid going under general anesthesia as the procedure can be performed with just local anesthetic, cutting recovery time and minimizing the invasiveness. Laser liposuction works best on patients who do not have significant amounts of fat to lose or have loose skin after a tremendous weight loss. Scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon is the best way to confirm that using laser liposuction versus tradition liposuction is right for the patient.

The laser itself is inserted under the skin via small incisions and when turned on, bursts the fat cells and turns them into liquid. The laser also stimulates collagen formation which can lead to tissue tightening, meaning tighter, firmer skin. Recovery times are greatly improved with less swelling, redness, and pain and no sutures or drains to have to have removed. Patients typically return to daily activities three or four days after their procedure.

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