Laser Lipo

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

LaserLipo, or smart lipo is a minimally invasive, office based body contouring procedure. The benefits are numerous and the procedure is FDA approved.

Smart Lipo uses a laser to destroy and permanently diminish fat cells. LaserLipo has many benefits over traditional lipo. Most notably, laser lipo can be done under local anesthesia and produces a minimal amount of bleeding and bruising with significantly less pain.

Unlike traditional liposuction, laser lipo can increase skin tightening by up to 70% while greatly improving the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Laser lipo can be performed on most parts of the body but is traditionally done on smaller areas such as the face, neck, back, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles.

The procedure does not require any stitches or drains and has a much shorter recovery period than traditional liposuction. First, a small cannula or tube is inserted into the skin. The cannula is where the laser will be introduced. The doctor will move the cannula back and forth to send laser energy straight to the fat cells which causes them to pop and become liquid. As the fat melts, the laser stimulates collagen production which leads to the tightening of tissues and a firm appearance. The cannula that is used is very small which allows the process to be done under local anesthesia. When the small blood vessels are contacted, they coagulate immediately which results in less bleeding and swelling.

Laserlipo is perfect for people who are not ready to commit to a traditional liposuction procedure and are looking for immediate results. It is best for small areas which are the most stubborn to efforts of dieting and exercise. Generally, the procedure takes less than one hour and only one session per area. While the patient might feel a minimal amount of soreness the following day akin to the feeling after a workout, many patients return to work immediately. The Laser Lipo procedure is permanent meaning that the fat cells treated with the laser will have permanently disappeared. If the patient is to gain weight, the fat cells in the areas not treated by the lasor will expand.

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