Laser Eye-lift

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Do you suffer from crow’s feet, drooping eyebrows or dark circles around your eyes? If so, then you may be interested in getting a laser eye-lift.laser eye-lift is also known as the Madonna eye-lift. This procedure involves using CO2 fractional laser technology to create tiny holes in the skin around the eyelids and eyes. It is also great for treating sagging or loose skin around the eyes and eyelids.

The laser beams help remove damaged collagen, refresh the skin and stimulate the growth of new collagen. Because only a small portion of the skin is affected by this treatment, you will be able to quickly recover and return to your normal activities.

The laser eye-lift is a very quick procedure. You can expect to experience very little pain, if any. A topical anesthetic can be applied prior to this treatment.

The number of treatments needed could vary. However, most patients are required to get two to five treatments before they get the results that they want. The treatments are typically spaced four to six weeks apart from one another. Your cosmetic surgeon will develop a personalized treatment plan for you that will help meet your needs and goals.

Puffiness and redness around the eyes are some of the most commonly reported side effects. These side effects usually go away within one or two days. You want to make sure that you wear sunscreen after you get this treatment.

You will immediately notice an improvement after you get one treatment. The full benefits will be seen after the collagen remodeling has taken place, which usually occurs four to six months after your treatment.

If you are interested in getting a laser eye-lift, then you should contact New England Laser Lipo. Dr. Willis and Dr. Freniere both have several years of experience and are dedicated to helping their patients get phenomenal results from this treatment.

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