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Monday, September 30th, 2013

Traditional Liposuction is a form of plastic surgery in which fat is  removed from the body using suction. The fat is strategically removed from certain areas so that the body is left with a smoother, more appealing shape. However, there is no way to guarantee ideal results. Sometimes people are left with pouches of loose skin or dents in soft ares where the fat was unevenly removed. These people are left looking worse than they did before, and there is little that a surgeon can do to repair this damage. Worst of all, there is no way to predict these occurrences and prevent them from happening. Traditional liposuction is less accurate and results are less predictable; the surgeon removes fat internally but is only able to see the body from the outside.

Laser liposuction, known as Smart Lipo,  is a safer, more reliable alternative to surgical liposuction. It works by using lasers to break down the fat before it is removed from the body. Before, surgeons had to force their suction tools through solid fatty tissue, which resulted in more pain after the procedure and had the potential to damage healthy tissue. Since the fat is liquified, it leaves the body more evenly, and the surgical equipment does not have to be extended as far into the body. Because of the ease of removing the liquefied fat, the recovery period is shorter and less painful.

A major benefit of laser liposuction is that it has a tightening effect on the skin. The lasers cause the skin cells to produce collagen. It ensures a smooth surface appearance in addition to the evenness that laser liposuction creates under the skin. Despite all of the benefits of laser liposuction, there are still some risks. As with any major surgery, the patient is required to undergo anesthesia. The lasers have been known to cause burns if the surgeon does not set his temperature controls properly.

Dr. Paul Willis and Dr. Richard Freniere at New England Laser Lipo are committed to offering patients the most minimally invasive procedures available to ensure that these risks are minimized as much as possible. Contact them at New England Laser Lipo to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

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