CO2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

CO2 fractional laser skin rejuvenation is the most advanced form of skin resurfacing available today. It is a substantial improvement over earlier CO2 laser techniques, offering comparable benefits with only a fraction of the recovery time and discomfort. The equipment to perform CO2 fractional laser skin rejuvenation has only been on the market for a few years, but in time this technique promises to revolutionize the science of skin resurfacing.

An earlier form of CO2 laser skin resurfacing has been in use for about twenty years, and has yielded very good results for many patients. The technique works by destroying old, damaged collagen in the skin, which stimulates the growth of fresh collagen. The new collagen is smoother and tighter than the old, giving it a youthful, unwrinkled appearance. This method does not just cover up the effects of skin aging, but actually reverses them by causing the skin to use its natural resources and produce new tissue.

However, this technique has its drawbacks. As it has been practiced in the past, laser skin resurfacing has caused rawness of the effected area as well as scabbing and crusting which has often gone on for weeks. While the final result was often good, both doctors and patients have been waiting for an improved technique to come along.

The solution is CO2 laser skin rejuvenation. In this new version of the therapy, the laser beam is broken up into many smaller beams, each of which only effects a tiny spot on the skin. While the destruction of old collagen takes place where the laser beams strike, the skin between these spots is not effected at all. The result is a slight soreness and redness of the skin comparable to a sunburn. The skin becomes tighter and more youthful-looking, but the discomfort is minimized and the recovery time is reduced to no more than five days, as opposed to weeks with the old method. In some cases, patients who have undergone CO2 fractional laser skin rejuvenation on a Friday have been able to go back to work on Monday.

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