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Monday, March 15th, 2010

When one hears the term “Liposuction,” most likely the details of traditional Liposuction will come to mind. There is a newer option, however, termed “Laser Lipo,” which is a much safer procedure with even better results! Some of the advantages to Laser Lipo are discussed below.

Laser Lipo is a much safer option. Unlike traditional Liposuction, which requires a general anesthetic, Laser Lipo only requires a local anesthetic, therefore reducing any risks associated with the anesthesia. It also means the patient is awake and able to communicate with the Doctors about any discomfort or concerns. There are also very minimal incisions required and little to no blood loss.

Traditional Liposuction requires the use of a larger instrument to break up the fatty tissue. It is a more aggressive approach and usually results in bruising and bleeding. Problems can also occur if the larger instrument hits a blood vessel. Laser Lipo is a much gentler approach using a smaller instrument. Infection is also less likely with the Laser Lipo as the incisions are smaller and there is less tissue damage and scarring.

Another advantage is that the procedure is quick and easy. It is performed as outpatient surgery, many times in the doctors office, and most patients will walk out within a few hours and will be back to their normal routine within a couple of days. Traditional Liposuction requires the patient to recover for a period of one to two weeks.

The use of Laser Lipo can also provide better results than traditional Liposuction. The Laser Lipo allows the doctors to be extremely precise and create near perfect results. The laser also promotes skin tightening over the treated areas and leaves virtually no “dimples,” as traditional Liposuction can leave behind. This is because the laser actually melts the fat, which is removed in liquid form. There is also less sagging skin left behind, which can be problematic and often results in the need for a tummy tuck.

In summary, Laser Lipo is a safer approach than traditional Liposuction and a less painful experience for the patient. There is a much lower chance of complications such as bleeding, clotting and infection. The smoothness and tightness of the skin typically leaves the patient much more satisfied with the results of the Laser Lipo.

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