Cellulite And Laserlipo

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Cellulite is an undesirable accessory that anyone can develop. It is common for people who have lost significant amounts of weight to still retain the appearance of cellulite, even after becoming thin. Cellulite is composed of subcutaneous fat that has protruded through its normal location, mixing itself among fibrous connective tissue. The result is a dimpled appearance that is difficult to get rid of. Regardless of the body type it appears on, cellulite is a nuisance. Exercise and diet may not be enough to get rid of it for most people, as their genetic factors predispose them to development of cellulite.

Fortunately, there is a new revolutionary procedure that can minimize and eliminate the appearance of these unsightly fat deposits. The procedure of Smooth Shapes Laser is not an invasive one. Unlike the older methods of cellulite minimization and elimination, this procedure is comfortable. Older procedures were painful and often involved needles. The new Smooth Shapes Laser treatment is similar to a deep-tissue massage. Using a special applicator and massaging device, heat, laser, light energy and vacuum motion are mixed to reform the appearance of the skin. As a result of the combined therapy, fat cells are shrunk and collagen is restored, giving the skin its original elasticity and healthy glow. The contents of the fat cells are liquified; after the massaging vacuum manipulates them to the lymphatic system, they are excreted in the urine and waste.

Patients are informed that a warm sensation may persist, along with a pink color of the skin, for a few hours after treatments. When instructions for higher water intake are followed, the results of these treatments have shown a great reduction in cellulite appearance after each session. Patients who receive two treatments weekly for a period of four weeks will notice smoother, tighter skin. The results are lasting, so the treatment isn’t something that must be followed permanently on a schedule. This procedure is new and popular, but it is also an affordable investment, eliminating the need to waste thousands of dollars on home treatments and creams.

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