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Sunday, April 7th, 2013

People who look into the mirror every morning and don’t like their wrinkles, lines, age or liver spots, acne scars, warts, discolorations, birthmarks or other signs of aging might want to opt for facial rejuvenation Shrewsbury. Among the techniques used for skin rejuvenation is the CO2 fractional laser. Dermatologist consider the CO2 laser a true breakthrough when it comes to treating skin conditions.

The CO2 laser Shrewsbury is an improvement over older model lasers because it can treat a problem in the patient’s skin without damaging adjacent healthy tissue or damaging the very top layer of the skin. Damage to the epidermis is what used to cause complications and a long, painful recovery time when it came to older model carbon dioxide lasers. Now, the patient comes in for one or two sessions and rests for about four days after the procedure. Each session can last between a half an hour and two hours and the patient’s skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic. Afterwards, the patient will be prescribed pain medications to be kept comfortable while the skin heals. The good news is that the effects of laser skin rejuvenation can last for up to 10 years.

The CO2 laser not only minimizes flaws in the skin, but it also stimulates the body into producing its own collagen. Collagen gives skin its elasticity and firmness and tends to diminish as a person ages. When the body produces collagen that means the skin will regain much of its youthful vitality. The one drawback with CO2 laser Shrewsbury is that darker-skinned patients might lose some pigmentation.

The dermatologists at New England Laser Lipo also perform laser eye lift with the CO2 laser.

Any potential client in the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts area who’s interested in the benefits of CO2 fractional laser therapy should contact New England Laser Lipo for a complimentary consultation. Contact them at (508) 202-4540.

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