You may think that worrying about Botox is way off in the future. That’s something for people in their 50s, right? But you may be wrong. A cosmetic trend called preventative Botox sees people in their 20s and 30s jumping onto the Botox trend. So what age should you really get Botox? Dr. Paul Willis of New England Laser Lipo, provider of Botox in Worcester, MA, offers some advice.botox in worcester, massachusetts

What is Preventative Botox?

Wrinkles and lines are all caused by the folding and creasing of your skin. Preventative Botox is based on getting injections earlier to prevent these wrinkles and lines from occurring instead of fixing them down the road. You can slow down the use of these muscles before the wrinkles start to set in.

The brow and forehead area is one of the more prominent places people focus on. Deep lines often form in the forehead and between the eyes. The lips and mouth are other areas to look at. It prevents marionette lines that are particularly hard to fix once they’re there. Your mouth is very expressive and can lead to the onset of a lot of different lines. 

When Should I Start Botox?

This depends on each individual person. Technically, Botox is FDA-approved for everyone that’s 18 years of age or older. Many patients of preventative Botox start around age 30, or even in their mid-20s. However, before that, it’s rare that people will have enough lines on their faces for it to really do anything.

Basically, you should start when you start to notice lines and wrinkles on your face. Fine lines are the start of all of the larger folds and creases that will develop. As soon as you start to be bothered by these things on your face, preventative Botox can be started. When there are just fine lines and creases, they can still be prevented from turning into something more.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Preventative Botox?

Starting Botox this early in your life can be kind of expensive. Botox injections keep their effects for about three to four months on average. If you want to keep up the look of the Botox and preventing those further lines and wrinkles, that means you’ll have to pay for new injections around three to four times a year.

You’ll also have to make sure that you make healthy lifestyle choices for you to get the full impact of the Botox. This means you’ll have to reduce stress and make sure you get plenty of rest. One of the most important things is that you also have to be careful of the sun. Always wear sunscreen when you go outside and use a hat with a brim to protect your face.

Lastly, there’s a chance of overuse of Botox. If you use it too much, it can atrophy the muscles and make them weaker. This risks you looking older, particularly in the area around your eyes, even if you have no wrinkles.

Botox in Worcester, Massachusetts

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