Unfortunately, there are some areas that just can’t seem to lose fat no matter your diet and exercise regimen. At New England Laser Lipo, Dr. Paul Willis offers quality laser lipo in Massachusetts. Learn why this procedure might be the right treatment program for you.

laser lipo in massachusetts

What is Laser Lipo?

Laser liposuction uses a special laser to destroy fat cells. This method is less invasive than most body sculpting techniques. It’s so minimally invasive that it can be done under just local anesthesia and you won’t have to stay after your procedure. Your downtime is minimal and you can go back to work shortly after you have laser lipo done.

What’s the Process of Laser Lipo?

When you get to our office, we’ll use local anesthesia to numb the targeted area. Once you’re nice and comfortable, a small tube is inserted directly into the area where you want to rid fat from. The laser fiber goes inside this tube. It’s then moved back and forth so that the laser can target those fat cells. The heat causes them to turn into a liquid substance. 

One of the benefits of using the laser is that the energy of the laser also stimulates collagen production in the skin. This means that the procedure doesn’t just get rid of fat cells, it also tightens your skin. In addition, you should have less bleeding, bruising, and swelling compared to a similar procedure.  The laser causes the small blood vessels to coagulate on contact, meaning there should be less blood coming from them.

Are There Benefits to Laser Lipo?

As mentioned, laser lipo offers skin tightening, which other treatments don’t do. It also has the benefits of minimal bruising and swelling and shorter recovery time. You don’t have to stay overnight, and you should heal from this procedure fairly fast. You should have minimal to no pain while you’re recovering.

Since it’s minimally invasive, you have no drains or stitches to worry about. This is what leads to shorter recovery times. This treatment is also FDA approved, which means you don’t have to worry. It’s been used on thousands of patients worldwide, with positive results. Laser lipo is safe to use on almost any part of your body.

Is Laser Lipo Right for Me?

There are some restrictions to getting laser lipo. You have to be in good health, for instance. Talk to Dr. Willis about your medical history, whatever medications you’re taking, and anything else that might factor into your fitness for this procedure

You should also make sure you’re very hydrated. Drink lots of water both before and after the procedure. You should also stay away from caffeine and alcohol. These things make it harder for you to metabolize fat. This may decrease the results you get from the treatment.

Laser Lipo in Massachusetts

At New England Laser Lipo, we want to make sure we help you meet your body goals in any way you can. If you’re interested in laser lipo, call us today or schedule a consultation online