The satisfaction of our patients is important to Dr. Willis and our team at New England Laser Lipo. When our patients are happy, so are we. Dr. Paul Willis is a board-certified physician who is uniquely skilled in understanding how the body heals and operates. We offer some of the safest, most effective laser treatments to give our patients the results they desire. We offer traditional lipo, laser lipo,  dermal fillers and botox treatments in our Shrewsbury, MA office. We offer free consultations at our Shrewsbury, MA office. Dr. Willis can work with you to see what works best for your needs. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact our Shrewsbury, MA office. 

See why our patients love New England Laser Lip!


“Dr. Willis did such an amazing job on my inner thighs. He is such a sincere person and really cares about his patients. After I got the procedure done, I was pain free the whole recovery and my pants fit comfortably now!”*


I am 67 years old, female, lost a lot of weight over the past 10 years( Lap-Band surgery), kept it off and exercise (cardio and strength training) regularly. Dieting is very difficult for me. Since I eat very small amounts normally, reducing intake to lose even a little bit of weight often causes side effects that interfere with my routine, particularly during my exercise regimen. With all that I had done, I still had a hefty “muffin top” over my jeans that resisted exercise or diet. My clothes from just a year ago did not fit the same (old age body shifting!). So, I researched other options, found Smart Lipo and Dr. Paul Willis at New England Laser Lipo 


“I was extremely happy with the results on my thighs. I couldn’t wait to the see the doctors’ faces on the follow-up visit.”*