ThinkstockPhotos-78325425Do you have areas of fat that refuse to budge despite exercise and a healthy diet? If you desire a sculpted trim look, Smartlipo may be for you. At the forefront of Smartlipo technology in the New England region, Dr. Paul Willis and Dr. Richard Freniere offer Smartlipo at his Shrewsbury, MA cosmetic doctor office.

Smartlipo Technology

Smartlipo technology targets fat cells with heat, literally melting fat away! Traditional liposuction uses abrasive suction to tear fat out of the body. Smartlipo liquefies fat first, making it easier to remove and significantly reducing bruising and swelling. The Smartlipo heat not only melts fat away but coagulates, tightens the skin, and increases collagen production. Some patients will notice immediate results, but within 3 months results become obvious.

Smartlipo Process

During your procedure our cosmetic doctors will make a small 1mm to 2mm incision in the targeted area. A tube that holds the laser fiber is carefully inserted underneath the skin. The laser tube is gently shifted back and forth to target the fat cells. Smartlipo is recommended for those with in 25lbs of their ideal weight. Dr. Willis or Dr. Freniere will meet with you and determine what procedure is the best fit for your personal goals.

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia so you are awake and alert during your procedure. The procedure takes approximately one hour and you will be able to leave the office immediately after your Smartlipo procedure. The downtime with Smartlipo is minimal and the majority of patients return to work in about three days, making Smartlipo the smart choice for your busy life.

Schedule FREE Smartlipo™ Consultation

To find out if Smartlipo is the right cosmetic body contouring treatment option for you, , contact Shrewsbury cosmetic doctor Dr. Willis. He will spend time with you to discuss and understand your goals and cosmetic concerns building a treatment plan that will yield your desired results using the latest in cosmetic procedures.