New England Laser Lipo is a clinic that performs minimally-invasive procedures. Smart lipo is one of the procedures performed at this clinic. This is a procedure that is performed under local anesthesia, and it permanently destroys fat cells. It can also help tighten the skin. Smart lipo reduces fat with laser-assisted lipolysis. The Food And Drug Administration first approved this procedure in 2006.

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Botox is another procedure offered at New England Laser Lipo. It involves using an injection with a protein that helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, forehead, mouth and nose. The results of Botox will typically last three to four months. Additionally, dermal fillers are offered at New England Laser Lipo. Dermal fillers help restore fullness and volume to the face.

Juvederm, Radiesse and Belotero are the dermal fillers offered at this practice. Juvederm and Belotero are both made out of hyaluronic acid. Radiesse is made calcium hydroxylapatite. The results of Juvederm and Belotero can last for six months or more. The results of Radiesse can last for a year or longer.

Dr. Paul Willis is one of the people who founded the New England Laser Lipo. He has been a practicing board-certified physician for the past 20 years. He has an extensive background in emergency medicine, which has helped him develop a thorough understanding of how the human body works. This experience also helps him educate patients about making the best decisions regarding their health and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Willis has been performing laser lipo for the past seven years. He completed his education at George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington D.C. He then completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He is also Fellow Of The American College Of Emergency Physicians.

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