Spring is here which means summer is right around the corner! At New England Laser Lipo in Shrewsbury, MA we’re here to help you get ready for bikini season. Having a difficult time losing the love handles or unwanted fat around the abdomen? We offer Smartlipo™ a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that fits your busy lifestyle.

Diet and exercise are important to lose weight. However, diet and exercise are not always enough. If you are one of the people who exercises and eats healthy but still has unwanted body fat, you may consider Smartlipo™ to help you achieve to results you desire.

ThinkstockPhotos-450942679Smartlipo™ is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves using a laser to liquefy fat. After the fat has been liquefied, it will be sucked out of the body through a cannula. The doctor is required to make a small incision before he inserts the cannula into the body.

Many people decide to get Smartlipo™ in lieu of traditional liposuction. Smartlipo™ or laser lipo is a safer alternative to regular liposuction. There is a lot less swelling, bleeding and bruising associated with it. Therefore, you will be able to recover a lot faster.

Not only does laser lipo remove fat, but it can also tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and/or cellulite. You will notice a major difference after your treatment, and the final results will be seen within six months.

There are a couple of things that you will need to do to prepare for Smartlipo™. You will need to discontinue anti-inflammatory medications two weeks prior to your procedure. If you take an omega 3 fatty acid supplement, St. John’s wort, vitamin E or a multivitamin, then you will need to stop taking those also.

You should arrange for someone to take you to the clinic and pick you up on the day of your procedure. After your treatment, you will be prescribed antibiotics in order to prevent infection. You will need to take these antibiotics for 10 days. Strenuous exercise will need to be avoided for two weeks, and ocean water, hot tubs and bath tubs will need to be avoided for one month.

To learn more contact New England Laser Lipo for a free consultation before swimsuit season!