Since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 2006, Juvederm has become a popular compound in the field of facial rejuvenation. It has taken filler technology to a new level due to its ability to restore both volume and fullness to an individual’s face. In addition, it serves as the only government-approved filler for all skin types and colors due to its effectiveness and safe application process.

Developed by Allergan, the makers of Botox, Juvederm helps rejuvenate skin that can eliminate both wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, nose and mouth for up to a year with an injection via a fine needle. It is naturally absorbed into a person’s body, so once the treatment has been completed, you will have smoother skin that can give a more youthful appearance.

This is accomplished due to the fact that this product is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, a substance that develops naturally in the human body. In a sense, HA moisturizes us from inside. However, as we age, the level of HA within us begins to drop, necessitating the use of a product like Juvederm, which is biosynthetic and not created from an animal source.

A Juvederm procedure is available at New England Laser, where you’ll be treated in the company’s cosmetic treatment center in Shrewsbury, PA. You can expect a comfortable treatment session that shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes, since Juvederm is specially formulated with the anesthetic lidocaine. Our doctors specialize in cosmetic treatment, with years of experience in the field that can put you at ease.

You’ll see immediate results and the recovery time will be a short one. So if you’re interested in giving a quick and impressive jump start to your appearance, schedule your free consultation today. Call 855.639.5273 or request an appointment online.  We can set up a procedure and put you on the path to a more vibrant you.