Most people try their best to take good care of their skin. However, there are a number of things that can damage our skin. Some of those things include stress, age and sun. That is why most of us will eventually develop fine lines and wrinkles. There are surgical procedures that can reduce some of the signs of aging. However, many people do not feel comfortable going under the knife. If you are looking for non-invasive treatments that improve your appearance, then you will need to contact New England Laser Lipo.

New England Laser Lipo offers Botox and dermal fillers. These treatments are not only non-invasive, but they are also very effective. The results of Botox can last for four to six months. The amount of time that dermal fillers last can vary, depending on the area that is injected and the type of filler. However, they typically last anywhere from six to 12 months.

One of the many great things about both Botox and dermal fillers is that they are very safe. Your chances of developing serious side effects after getting one of these treatments is very low. Some of the most commonly reported side effects include things such as redness or slight swelling in the injection area.

Dr. Richard Freniere and Dr. Paul Willis are the physicians at this practice. They are very experienced and committed to helping you reach your aesthetic goals. Additionally, the doctors offer Botox and dermal fillers for an affordable price. You should contact them today so that you will be able to get your free consultation.

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