Traditional liposuction was developed years ago as an accepted solution to losing weight. The procedure is performed in a hospital setting using a general anesthetic. Unfortunately, recovery time has always been slow and often painful with results being inconsistent. Over the years, advances using lasers has made liposuction faster and easier with a more predictable outcome. In fact, many patients experience little or no discomfort following the procedure.

Laser lipo may not be perfect for everyone. Individuals with excessively loose skin or a large fat volume may be more suitable for conventional treatment. However, the majority of people can improve their physique with less recovery time through laser technology. More importantly, the patient isn’t left with unsightly scars. A laser is used to heat and shrink skin cells in a completely non-invasive manner. Conversely, traditional liposuction may require multiple incisions and is more aggressive.

Patients who undergo laser liposuction remain alert and awake throughout the process. A general anesthetic isn’t required which increases patient safety including any postoperative complications. With laser lipo, there’s never a concern of swelling, bruising, bleeding or numbness, which makes it a convenient weight loss solution for most individuals. While conventional liposuction alone can be limited in achieving the desired effect, in some cases it’s combined with laser lipolysis.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to eliminate unsightly bulges through weight loss programs, exercise or diet, you may be the perfect candidate for laser liposuction. Many people have improved their confidence and self-image through this revolutionary procedure. Although the majority of patients only require a single treatment, additional visits may be required for some. For best results, it’s suggested that you maintain an exercise program and healthy diet after being treated.

New England Laser Lipo is a Shrewsbury, Massachusetts cosmetic treatment center that uses effective, safe laser treatments such as Smartlipo to ensure that each patient receives the best possible result. You can depend on us for consistent, professional body contouring and liposuction to smooth out problem areas. It’s no wonder that laser lipo is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today.