Sometimes, in spite of dedicated diet and exercise plans, people have areas of fat and cellulite that just will not go away. In such cases, laser-assisted lipolysis, in the form of a treatment called Laser Lipo, is often the best answer, providing safe and instant results in even the most stubborn cases.

Laser Lipo is an FDA approved treatment for the removal of excess fat cells. It can be performed on a patient’s abdomen, thighs, back, knees, ankles, arms, neck, face, or any other body part in which fat cells have accumulated. Laser Lipo results in a 70% tightening of the skin of the treated area, and these results are permanent.

A minimally invasive in-office procedure, Shrewsbury Laser Lipo at New England LaserLipo is performed by a doctor with only local anesthesia, rather than the more dangerous general anesthesia required for traditional liposuction. A very small tube, called a cannula, is used to insert this anesthesia into the skin, making the patient comfortable. The doctor then inserts a laser fiber into the cannula and gently moves it back and forth, bursting the fat cells it encounters with laser energy. The laser energy also stimulates collagen production, which tightens the surrounding tissues. The destroyed fat cells form a liquid, which is sucked out through the same cannula. The patient will feel very little discomfort during the procedure, and will have much less swelling and bruising than with traditional liposuction. The soreness felt after the procedure is similar to that experienced after a vigorous workout. For most patients, one hour-long treatment is all that is required, and they can return to work immediately if they wish.

Laser Lipo in Worcester yields instant results that continue to improve for three to six months, and these results are permanent, as the body does not generate new fat cells to replace the ones that were removed during the procedure. If a patient gains weight, they will not do so in the treated area. The treatment is far less traumatic to the body than traditional liposuction, and its risks are far fewer. Its benefits, however, are actually greater than those of traditional liposuction. Only Laser Lipo actually tightens the skin and stimulates collagen production, which in turn reduces the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, Laser Lipo is a less invasive treatment, with a much shorter recovery time and no scarring. Laser Lipo is a safe and effective way for people to achieve the body that they have always wanted.