We have all heard horror stories about traditional liposuction techniques. Most complaints centered around recovery time being painful and long lasting…not to mention the cost is quite high. There is now a solution bringing very impressive results, and it is affordable for the average consumer. Around the country, physicians have discovered less invasive ways of removing fat and sculpting the body. This new technique offers quicker results with little to no discomfort involved. This virtually pain-free procedure is available in Massachusetts at two locations with a Board Certified Physician and is FDA approved. LaserLipo Worcester and SmartLipo Shrewsbury, specialize in this new technique known as SmartLipo.

After a SmartLipo session, most patients return to work within 48 hours. This is a one time procedure which eliminates fat and removes it permanently. There is minimal downtime getting back to your regular activities. It usually takes about a week to be going full steam again. These results consist of tightened skin, and smoother appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Traditional liposuction does not result in firmer skin. SmartLipo is performed with a local anesthesia with an incision the size of a pin hole, in many cases. There is less bleeding and bruising after SmartLipo.

LaserLipo Worcester and SmartLipo Shrewsbury offer free consultations with a qualified staff member. All patients have 24-7 access to a physician. You may also talk with real people who have had Smart Liposuction done. Once the procedure is complete, patients will receive continued follow-up care for the most effective long lasting results free of charge.

It may be necessary prior to a Smart Liposuction session for a patient to achieve specified weight loss. Both locations in Worcester and Shrewsbury offer a physician directed weight loss program. They will help you achieve your weight loss goals. This great program is also available to patients after SmartLipo to assist in maintaining successful results. For more information on LaserLipo Worcester or SmartLipo Shrewsbury, go to http://newenglandlaserlipo.com.

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