Botox is an excellent facial rejuvenation technique that erases wrinkles and furrows in the face and the neck. A dermatologist who uses Botox must be highly skilled, for he must know the location of the dozens of muscles in the face and what they do. Botox, which is injected with a fine needle, works by interrupting the nerves that control certain muscles. When these muscles no longer receive the nerve signals, they relax, and the wrinkles near them are then allowed to smooth out. The dermatologist must take great care, for badly injected Botox can paralyze the wrong muscles, or even travel to distant sites and cause problems.
The doctors at New England Laser Lipo in Shrewsbury, MA, are not only experts at Botox, but are also highly skilled at liposuction, especially when it comes to the newer and gentler techniques of laser lipo, SmartLipo, and SmoothShapes Laser. These new techniques cause less trauma for the patient, as they only remove the unwanted fat cells and leave the surrounding tissue, blood vessels and nerves untouched. The doctors are also adept at CO2 Laser, which treats age spots, fine lines, discolorations, scars and acne and provides an overall healthier and more youthful look to the skin. CO2 Laser treatment in Shrewsbury, like liposuction, has been improved and streamlined over the years so that the amount of damage to surrounding tissue is minimized, and recovery times are very much shortened.
The cosmetologists also apply dermal fillers, which are substances, also injected with a fine needle, that plump out areas of the skin and so also help reduce wrinkling. These substances can be hyaluronic acid, collagen or the patient’s own fat cells.
Any patient interested in Botox therapy, Smart Lipo Worcester, Smart Lipo Shrewsbury, or Laser Lipo Worcester should arrange for a consultation at New England Laser Lipo. New patients should give them a call at 508 202-4540.

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