Smooth Shapes Laser Worcester  patients can comfortably tighten and smooth unsightly areas of cellulite. Regardless of the amount of exercise in which women engage or the amount of healthy foods they might consume, most women are susceptible to the problem of cellulite. It derives from a combination of factors that lead to fat cells being full of lipids and pushing into the surface of the skin creating a dimpled or orange peel effect. The result, however common, can be very disheartening and leave the patient feeling highly unattractive. The SmoothShapes system is the solution. Just a short series of treatments using this system of laser technology can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite occurs when fat cells fill with lipids and become enlarged and irregular. As they push against the skin, they create what looks like dimples with some areas sunken. The SmoothShapes system utilizes lasers, contoured rollers and a vacuum to gently liquefy the lipids inside the fat cells and loosen the lower levels of the skin to allow the fat cells to be coaxed back into their normal position. This makes the skin look smoother and tighter and for a longer period of time.

To obtain the best results, patients should be treated for four weeks with twice weekly appointments. During the treatments, they will experience slight warmth to the skin and a relaxed feeling like what one might experience during a deep tissue massage. There is no downtime after the procedure or any special preparations to be made prior to it. However, after the treatment is completed, patients may notice slightly pink skin for up to two hours, slightly warmer skin for up to 30 minutes, and the need to urinate more frequently due to the additional six to eight glasses of water that must be consumed on the day of the treatment.