Do you notice more and more wrinkles every day? Do you always look tired because it always seems like you have bags under your eyes? A carbon dioxide laser can reverse the effects of time by zapping away damaged or discolored skin using pulses of invisible infrared light. A new technology, called fractional laser resurfacing, splits the light from the powerful CO2 laser into smaller beams, which allows for a more precise, and less damaging treatment. CO2 laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive, safe procedure that lasts about an hour with a three to five day recovery period. There are typically few side effects, because the laser acts so quickly and because the procedure does not use harsh abrasives or chemicals.

How does it work?
Basically, the procedure resurfaces your skin. This means that the uneven areas are removed, creating a smooth scaffold for new skin to grow on.
The carbon dioxide laser vaporizes the outer layers of skin, where the wrinkles and damaged skin cells are located. Fractional laser resurfacing (also called dermal optical thermolysis) leaves some skin untouched by creating many microscopic holes in the skin, which results in shorter healing times and less irritation because the skin is heated less. The holes in the skin caused the skin to feel tighter, which smooths out the wrinkles and the other areas of loose or sagging skin so that they are almost invisible. This is why some people report results immediately after treatment!The laser also allows the undamaged, pristine skin underneath to be revealed. When the damaged skin is removed, it stimulates the body to rebuild the collagen and tissue on the face, turning back the clock on aging. The newly grown skin will be soft and smooth, like a baby’s skin. This results in a completely different, refreshed, and youthful look. The only side effects are redness on the face (like a sunburn) which go away over a few days.