SmartLipo, otherwise known as laser liposuction, is a new and exciting means of creating the same great effects traditional surgical liposuction produces. Most people are aware of how liposuction reduces fat deposits and slim targeted areas of the body. One of the things about traditional liposuction that scares off otherwise interested patients is the invasive nature of the liposuction process. Smart liposuction delivers a safe, less invasive, and effective method of fighting fat deposits without many of the negative side effects of surgical liposuction.

Many people prefer smart lipo to traditional liposuction procedures because smart lipo is minimally invasive and only requires local anaesthetic. The combination of a less invasive procedure and local anaesthetic make laser liposuction a much safer procedure that requires less recovery time than the traditional liposuction procedures. This type of procedure requires no stitches and results in minimal bleeding, scarring, and bruising with low to no pain during the recovery process.

Smart lipo works by inserting a small tube, usually only one to two millimeters wide, into the skin near the desired treatment area. This tube is moved back and forth while emitting laser energy into the fat cells. This laser energy causes the fat cells to rupture so they can be easily drained out of the skin. This very same laser energy that is removing the fat cells also makes contact with the deep part of the dermis causing the collagen in the skin to shrink and thus improving the skin’s appearance.

With SmartLipo you have far less swelling because the laser, which is simply amplified light waves, seal off broken blood vessels as quickly as they break. Without the bruising and swelling, the effects of laser liposuction are almost immediately apparent. You will not have to wait weeks to see the stunning results of the procedure. Just like traditional liposuction, the fat cells that SmartLipo destroy are gone for good. That makes liposuction a great way to reduce because unlike diets that only shrink existing fat cells, liposuction gets rid of them forever. You can create new ones, but you do not have to worry about easily refilling the old ones.

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