It has been estimated that approximately 85% of women are affected by cellulite at least once throughout their lives. Contrary to popular beliefs, exercise and diet do not always work for getting rid of cellulite. Many women get cellulite because their bodies are genetically predisposed to the condition.

SmoothShapes is a scientific breakthrough that allows women to treat their cellulite in a noninvasive and painless manner. After a woman gets a SmoothShapes treatment, she notices that her skin feels tighter and smoother. Unlike other methods of treating cellulite, SmoothShapes is a permanent procedure.

The SmoothShapes system is a painless way to treat cellulite effectively, and it requires no preparation or recovery time on your part. A treatment feels warm on your skin; it is almost like getting a deep tissue massage. In general, getting a treatment with SmoothShapes is a relaxing enjoyable experience.

SmoothShapes works by treating the hypodermal layer of the skin. This layer is where fat cells absorb lipids and collagen loses its elasticity, which gives skin a dimply appearance.

When a person goes in for a SmoothShapes treatment, they treat this layer with laser light and rollers to help their skin get smoother. The laser light penetrates the skin and increases the permeability of the cell membranes while the fat cells get liquefied. This treatment is beneficial because it melts away cellulite instead of just treating the top layer of skin like many creams tend to do.

After the treatment ends fat cells shrink, and they reform more smoothly. The fat that was once bumpy gets reshaped, and it gives skin a smoother tighter appearance. The massage also helps your body manufacture collagen which keeps skin looking young and healthy.

The SmoothShapes combination of laser light, massage and a vacuum like suction is an effective way to eradicate cellulite. The great thing about this treatment is that people notice substantial improvements very quickly. Most women find that they only need to go into treatments about twice a week for 4 weeks. Are you ready to go in for 8 sessions to get smoother, softer, tighter skin without cellulite?

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