Everyone’s noticed how beautifully ageless Madonna always seems, and a large part of this is due to her youthful eyes. She was able to achieve her revolutionary good looks without having to go through eye-lid surgery. The Madonna Lift actually utilizes a fractional co2 laser, which smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the upper eye, and also actually lifts the eyebrow to give a much younger appearance to the eye, and the entire face. Co2 has been used for everything from skin resurfacing to the treatment of unsightly acne scars, and it is considered quite safe.

A fractional laser is unlike all other lasers used in cosmetic surgical procedures–rather than emitting one solid beam of light, this laser sends out light in columns, which are able to attend specific locations of the skin while avoiding surrounding areas. The columns of light stimulate collagen production and so tighten up the skin to achieve that desirable dewy-eyed, more open look to the eyes. It eliminates all damaged, unattractive collagen, and additionally, this targeted approach is able to limit skin damage significantly, thereby reducing healing time.

The Madonna Lift procedure is very quick and comfortable for most people. Most patients utilize two or three sessions every four to six weeks to get the results they seek. Downtime following the procedure is minimal–patients usually experience only redness and puffiness for one or two days, so it is not always even necessary to miss work. The procedure could be scheduled for a Friday and the patient will look more rested and youthful by Monday. These procedure, like any laser treatment, does require the patient to wear sunscreen on the treated area following the procedure, as the skin will be more sensitive to sunlight.

Many people benefit from the Madonna Lift, including those experiencing crows feet, either loose or droopy eyelid skin, or even sagging skin beneath the eyes. Dark circles and droopy eyebrows can also be through the quick and virtually painless Madonna Lift. It may not be the fountain of youth but it’s certainly an acceptable substitute–for now.

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