People who are considering liposuction may need to have a physician directed weight loss program before the operation. New England Laser Lipo sometimes requires that patients have a physician directed weight loss program prior to their liposuction procedure. The extra weight loss helps the doctors effectively perform liposuction on patients.

Physician directed weight loss methods usually use dietary supplements to aid in weight loss. A physician directed weight loss program is not like any other diet program. Some programs admit patients in a facility to help them monitor their weight loss. These programs offer guarantees of losing 3-10 pounds per week without feeling hungry. Patients may also need to be admitted because the physicians administer certain medications that can potentially be dangerous.

Most of the time, physician directed weight loss programs are intended to be done at home. A physician tailors the program to be customized to the patient’s needs. The New England Laser Lipo team use USANA products to help their patient lose weight. USANA products are scientifically engineered to be high quality dietary products.

Most physician directed weight loss programs are designed to help the patient lose weight without much exercise. A lot of companies and physicians advertise their program to not use exercise as a method of weight loss; instead, they combine dietary supplements and a change in the patient’s diet as a method of weight loss.

Physician directed weight loss programs have many benefits. They help prepare patients for liposuction, and they help people get in a healthy eating routine to keep their weight off after the liposuction procedure. Also, patients with questions about the program have a direct line to their physician.

If you are considering liposuction, talk to your physician about a directed weight loss program. Not everyone needs a directed weight loss program before liposuction, but it does not hurt to ask.

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