Smooth Shapes Laser is a new laser technology that has come about in the field of cosmetic surgery. Laser technologies are improving all of the time to treat more conditions and to do so with less pain and recovery time to the patient. Smooth Shapes Laser is one of the latest of these advances.

Smooth Shapes Laser allows cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists to treat cellulite. It is characterized by a feeling of gentle warmth on the skin, along with the feeling of undergoing a deep tissue massage. Many people find the experience to be very relaxing, and not at all unpleasant.

Smooth Shapes Laser works by using light energy along with vacuums and rollers to provide a more contoured appearance and improve the look of skin affected by cellulite. The wavelengths of the lasers liquefy the lipids in the fat cells that cause them to develop an irregular shape. Once this lipid is liquefied, the massaging and the vacuum suction used in this therapy moves the lipid away from the area affected by cellulite to be drained away by the lymphatic system. This therapy helps to shrink the fat cells and makes their shape more contoured, vastly improving the look of the skin in the affected area.

There are several benefits to this kind of treatment. One of these benefits is that the patient who receives Smooth Shapes Laser treatment for cellulite will be able to resume normal activities soon after undergoing this procedure. They will also not have any restrictions or recovery time after this procedure. This procedure will result in increased circulation in the treated area and will also create longer lasting results than other cellulite treatments. It will also make the skin in the treated area tighter and firmer. Smooth Shapes Laser is known for being painless and non-invasive and helps in the formation of healthy tissue. Collagen production is promoted by this treatment, while unhealthy tissue is eliminated through various means. This therapy attacks cellulite using a multi-pronged approach, and because of this is more likely to be successful and to provide the long-lasting results patients are seeking.

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