Cellulite is the dimpled or sometimes called “cottage cheese”,  skin that many people have on their hips, thighs, or buttocks. It is not race, or even gender, specific, but it does affect a higher percentage of women than it does men. Some studies state that up to 85% of women struggle with dimpled skin and even the most health-conscious individuals cannot avoid it because the reason it appears is based largely on one’s genetic predisposition. Hip, thigh, and buttock exercises will not make cellulite go away because these exercises do not address the true problem, which is how fat deposits are distributed under the skin. Simply rubbing topical creams over the dimpled area will not work either, and liposuction is invasive and can be dangerous.

Thanks to extensive research and the advancement of technology there is now another, much improved method of dealing with cellulite, and it really does work! It is called Smooth Shapes Laser.

The Smooth Shapes Laser is non-invasive and no special preparation is needed. In fact, the process has been described as being relaxing and comfortable.

The process significantly improves the appearance of dimples by treating the actual cause, unevenly distributed and oddly shaped fat deposits under the skin. The system utilizes a wonderful new technology which combines laser and light energy along with contoured rollers and vacuum to facilitate actual physical changes in the fat deposits and its distribution.

The Smooth Shapes Laser sends wavelengths of light energy which targets the fat cells causing the lipids within the fat cells to become liquefied. The contour rollers and vacuum assist in moving the liquefied fat from the affected area into the body’s lymphatic system. As a result, the remaining fat cells become smaller and more uniform and circulation is greatly improved in the treated area.

On average, the procedure will produce smoother and tighter skin with lasting results with only 2 visits per week over a 4-week period. There is no pain involved and normal activity can resume immediately following a treatment. The skin may appear pink which will resolve itself within 15 minutes to 2 hours and it may feel slightly warm. The warm feeling will disappear within 30 minutes.

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