Cellulite, which occurs in over 85% of women, can appear in women of all shapes and sizes, including those who practice healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. Smooth Shapes Laser, a treatment used to minimize the appearance of cellulite, makes the skin of the treated area appear smoother with the results lasting for a significant period of time.

Cellulite occurs when lipids are absorbed by fat cells in the hypodermal layer of the skin. Because of this absorption, the skin becomes abnormally shaped. When this occurs, the collagen loses its flexible nature and pulls some of the skin further into the body allowing the fat to rise to the surface causing dimples for which cellulite is known.

Smooth Shapes laser therapy attacks the cellulite from the core by using light and laser therapy through the use of rollers and a vacuum. The light works by increasing cell permeability in fat cells, thus emulsifying the interior lipids. The vacuum is used to remove the lipids from the cell and into the lymphatic system. Once the lipids are removed, the cells shrink down to a normal size. The treatment is typically repeated for four weeks, with two treatments being performed each week.

Unlike other forms of cosmetic surgery, the procedure is noninvasive and is actually found to be quite enjoyable by those receiving the laser therapy. Individuals generally report some warming of the area as well as a massaging feeling.

In addition, there is no required recovery period for the laser therapy. The recipient is able to leave the clinic and go about their usual daily activities without any limitations. The individual may experience some side effects such as a slight pink tone to the skin directly following the procedure as well as some warmness in the treated area of the skin. These symptoms will typically be resolved between half an hour and two hours after the therapy is completed. Also, due to the fact that the recipient is asked to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water before the procedure, the individual may experienced an increase in urination.



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