Smart lipo, or laser lipo, is a new liposuction procedure approved by the FDA for general public use in 2006. Many people prefer smart lipo to traditional liposuction procedures because smart lipo is minimally invasive and only requires local anesthetic. The combination of a less invasive procedure and local anesthetic make laser liposuction a much safer procedure that requires less recovery time than the traditional liposuction procedures. This type of procedure requires no stitches and results in minimal bleeding, scarring, and bruising with low to no pain during the recovery process.

Smart lipo works by inserting a small tube, usually only one to two millimeters wide, into the skin near the desired treatment area. This tube is moved back and forth while emitting laser energy into the fat cells. This laser energy causes the fat cells to rupture so they can be easily drained out of the skin. This very same laser energy that is removing the fat cells also makes contact with the deep part of the dermis causing the collagen in the skin to shrink and thus improving the skin’s appearance.

Laser lipo or smart lipo is generally an outpatient procedure performed in clinics. It is possible to make it a clinic outpatient procedure because of its increased safety and decreased invasiveness compared to traditional liposuction. Recovery time is generally painless or involves very little pain and takes between one to three months. Although smart lipo is such a safe procedure, it is still important to find a good doctor who is experienced in this type of liposuction surgery to perform the procedure to minimize potential complications and to maximize desired effects of the procedure. A well experienced doctor will be able to minimize the risk of infection while ensuring that the procedure results in a natural and healthy looking recontouring of the body. To find a physician who is experienced in smart lipo, you can contact the American Medical Association to find doctors in your area. For those who live in the New England area, consider consulting New England Laser Lipo. This site provides detailed information on a clinic in the area with doctors highly experienced in this type of procedure. The site also contains informative links on the procedure itself as well as options for financing the procedure.

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